Qui Tam & False Claims Act

Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti is one of the nations most experienced and respected law firms handling complex qui tam or whistleblower actions brought under both the federal and the ever-growing number of state false claims acts. This unique expertise results from more than 30 years of trial experience litigating successfully the most complex and significant qui tam cases tried anywhere in the United States.


Our attorneys have unparalleled experience in representing whistleblowers from all industries in the most complex, substantial false claims cases in the United States. Our attorneys have represented whistleblowers in false claims cases that have recovered nearly $2 billion for federal and state taxpayers, including many of the largest settlements reached in the history of qui tam litigation.

Qui tam actions involve claims against businesses, corporations and individuals for submitting false and fraudulent claims for payment to federal, state or local governments, or to government contractors. Qui tam actions typically are triggered by a complaint filed under seal by a “whistleblower,” who often is a current or former employee of the potential defendant. In many cases, the potential defendant does not learn of the lawsuit until after prosecutors have investigated the complaint and gathered substantial evidence.

Qui tam actions can result in federal and state probes that last for years. More importantly, a defendant found liable may be required to pay substantial penalties, treble damages and significant attorney’s fees. Qui tam liability may also trigger other serious repercussions, such as criminal charges, exclusion and debarment from future government contracting. Thus, the stakes for all sides in qui tam litigation is often monumental.

The attorneys of Pietragallo’s Qui Tam/False Claims Act practice have extensive experience in working with federal and state prosecutors and law enforcement agents across the nation in investigating, developing and successfully handling sophisticated and precedent-setting qui tam actions.

Because of our lawyers’ extensive experience in reviewing, evaluating and litigating federal and state qui tam actions, we are uniquely qualified to represent clients in the high stakes of qui tam litigation or to consult with other lawyers or clients to assist them through the ever-evolving maze of qui tam litigation.


For more detailed information about our extensive experience representing whistleblowers, including a discussion of federal and state false claims acts, we invite you to visit our false claims-whistleblower web site at www.falseclaimsact.com.


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