Intellectual Property Litigation

Pietragallo’s Intellectual Property Litigation Group consists of experienced litigators who have tried to verdict intellectual property cases and have represented clients in all phases of IP litigation. The lawyers of this group have attained local and national recognition.

Examples of the matters handled by this group include:

  • Patent litigation, including enforcement of patents and defense against claims of patent infringement
  • Trademark litigation, including enforcement of trademarks and defense against claims of trademark infringement
  • Unfair competition matters, including trade dress, false designation of origin and false advertising issues
  • Copyright litigation, including enforcement of copyrights and defense against claims of copyright infringement
  • Trade secret litigation, including prosecution of trade secret misappropriation claims

With today’s increased emphasis on the need to obtain and protect intellectual property rights, the stakes of intellectual property litigation have dramatically increased. Our Intellectual Property Litigation Group is an experienced team of successful Commercial Litigation attorneys having an established and high-profile track record. Our intellectual property litigation practice ensures that our aggressive litigation strategies reflect the subtle nuances of the underlying technology.

Quality service should be cost-effective. That’s why our attorneys are also skilled in mediation, arbitration and settlement negotiations in order to ensure that each case gets handled in the most effective and efficient manner for our clients. The diversity of our group blends abilities that allow us to provide results-oriented counsel that is cost-effective for our clients’ needs.

Patent Litigation

Our patent litigation practice includes all aspects of patent litigation including enforcement of patents and defense against unwarranted charges of infringement.

We recognize that timing and efficiency are extremely important in successful patent litigation cases. Our staff is able to respond quickly to seek preliminary injunctions as well as execute the strategic objectives of prolonged patent infringement proceedings. We believe that attention to detail is one of our greatest assets. From our thorough preparation for trial, to our efforts to match our legal and technical strengths with the specific issues of each case, our versatility and expertise allows us to best staff each litigation with our client’s objectives and needs in mind.

Our attorneys prepare all necessary filings, conduct all necessary discovery including the retention of expert witnesses, conduct Markman Hearings, seek preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders, litigate jury and bench trials and are involved in all aspects of appellate practice

Trademark Litigation

Our trademark litigation practice includes all aspects of trademark litigation, including enforcing trademark rights against potential infringers, defense against unwarranted charges of infringement, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, and domain name disputes including arbitration and litigation against cybersquatters.

We understand the importance of protecting the investment of time and resources our clients have made in developing their trademark rights. Our attorneys employ modern litigation technology and strategies in combination with “good old-fashioned” hard work in the representation of our clients. When a trademark dispute arises our intellectual property litigation attorneys provide aggressive strategies to fully protect the interests of our clients. Our attorneys can quickly seek preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders to limit the potential damage to our clients.

Unfair Competition Litigation

We provide unfair competition litigation strategies that are carefully crafted to the specific needs of our clients. Unfair competition claims are often complex and require careful attention to detail in all aspects of our clients’ businesses. Our attorneys combine extensive technical knowledge and business savvy with an established and high-profile litigation track record.

Our unfair competition litigation practice includes all aspects of unfair competition, including unfair competition claims under the Lanham Act, trademark dilution, unfair trade practices, comparative false advertising, reverse confusion and passing off issues.

Copyright Litigation

Our copyright litigation practice includes all aspects of copyright litigation, including enforcement of copyrights against potential infringers and defense against unwarranted charges of infringement. Our attorneys prosecute and defend copyright claims, obtain preliminary injunctions and pursue alternative dispute resolution techniques where appropriate.

When enforcing our clients’ copyrights, our attorneys coordinate the registration of federal copyrights with the initiation of suits in various district courts to ensure that the full benefits of the federal copyright laws are obtained.

Trade Secret Litigation

Our attorneys handle all phases of trade secret litigation, from investigations of alleged trade secret misappropriation through bench and jury trials. Our trade secret practice includes enforcement of employment agreements and prosecution of trade secret misappropriation claims under both state and federal statutes.



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