Cyber Liability & Technology Law

The proliferation of electronically stored data – and the corresponding growth in incidents of data breaches and hacking – has raised the bar for corporations and their directors and officers to ensure the security of the confidential data and proprietary information entrusted to the company. Litigation of claims involving data breaches is on the rise, and the attorneys of Pietragallo’s Cyber Liability & Technology Law Group possess a wealth of expertise to advise and advocate on behalf of clients in these important matters. We regularly handle cases for corporate entities within highly-regulated fields such as health care, financial services, government contracting, telecommunications, and retail. During the course of our representation, we counsel clients on crisis management and develop a comprehensive strategy to evaluate and mitigate damages and notify proper parties as required by federal and state law. Our experience extends to cases involving “cyber-bullying,” threats made via e-mail or social media, and identity theft.

Our attorneys recognize the complexity of cyber-related claims and understand that the expertise of a highly-trained counsel with knowledge of the relevant technology is critical. In addition to litigating such claims, our counsel can advise clients regarding responses to regulatory entities and insurance coverage for cyber security issues. Litigation can arise from any of the following:

  • Lost, stolen, or damaged data due to corporate network and information security policies
  • Hacking or other unauthorized access of confidential information or trade secrets
  • Alleged failure to maintain security of confidential data including names, addresses, patient health data, credit card numbers, financial and wage information, and social security numbers
  • Threat of unauthorized release of data by a former employee or vendor
  • Lost or stolen computers, smartphones, tablets, or memory devices


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